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BITRA is a non-profit and non-profit organization that facilitates and directs implementation in the context of empowering marginalized communities, especially in rural areas and developing public services at various levels, with the support of resources from grants from various local, national and international sources. (except foreign debt funds) as well as the results of the development of productive business units with an environmental perspective. To achieve its goals, BITRA has a vision & mission:


A critical society that is organized, empowered, just, gender-equal and upholds diversity.


  1. Conduct critical education and capacity building for community empowerment;
  2. Encouraging and fighting for people’s independence through a people’s economy that is integrated with technological developments;
  3. Encouraging and fighting for the birth of data-based policies and empirical experiences that are in favor of the marginalized, inclusive and with a gender perspective;
  4. Build and strengthen strategic alliances to fight for social, political, economic and environmental transformation to encourage accelerated sustainable development;
  5. Building community resilience in the face of climate change and disasters;
  6. Developing Bitra into a trusted civil society organization, having strong, sustainable resources, becoming a reference and learning resource for community empowerment.


  1. Assist the community in developing natural resources and human resources both individually and in groups in business, improving living standards, social welfare and dignity in environmentally sustainable development.
  2. Confirm and strengthen the participation of marginalized communities in solving the problems they face.


The basic strategy is to update from within (i.e., the community’s own processes) and influence from outside. The steps taken are:

  1. Awareness.
  2. Organizing.
  3. Fulfillment.
  4. Increased Participation.
  5. Expand the network.


  1. Realizing an independent, democratic and professional institution as a driving force for democracy, people’s economy and politics.
  2. Building strategic alliances in the context of mastering political resources for the empowerment of marginalized communities.
  3. Develop a network of cooperation with all pro-democracy parties in the regional, national and international scope.
  4. Defending, empowering and enforcing the economic, social and political rights of marginalized communities.
  5. Build independent people’s organizations and conduct regeneration at the base and regional levels.

From the results of the Strategic Planning (SP) of the BITRA Indonesia Foundation in October 2018 in Medan, the strategic issues of BITRA Indonesia in 2018 – 2023 are:

Strategic Issues:

  1. Implementation of the Village Law to improve village government governance.
  2. Disaster mitigation/climate change by encouraging policy changes for mitigation.
  3. Utilization of information technology (IT) for community empowerment.
  4. Partnership with the government and the private sector in order to contribute and participate in achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  5. Encouraging the growth and development of micro-economy (credit unions/CUs, product marketing for women’s groups, farmers and traditional healers).
  6. Development of agriculture in harmony with nature from cultivation to post-harvest stages and polyculture mixed crop farming.
  7. Policy advocacy for marginalized communities (farmers, homeworkers, traditional healers, etc.).
  8. Institutional independence through optimization of organizational assets.



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