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General Programs:

There are 4 (four) general programs carried out:

  1. Community Development Program.
  2. Advocacy Program.
  3. Information and Communication Technology Program.
  4. Study/Research Program, Documentation and Publication.

Main Activities:

The main activities carried out are:

  1. The workshop is held once a year as a medium for evaluating programs and preparing a cooperation plan for all BITRA Indonesia partners.
  2. Organizing deliberation education for community groups, organizing, assisting the community and for the activities of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  3. Organizing Entrepreneurship Skills Training and Small Business Development.
  4. Support and develop joint business activities.
  5. Support and assist marginalized communities in solving their main problems.
  6. Conducting researches on problems of rural and marginalized communities.
  7. Publish and disseminate information needed by the community.
  8. Organizing seminars, workshops and various forms of meetings between Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Universities, Government and Society.
  9. Organic Rice Field School and mina padi to encourage an increase in land area and an increase in organic food production.
  10. Practice and training in making natural fertilizers to reduce the impact of damage caused by chemical inputs.
  11. Ongoing trainings to increase public understanding of issues such as: gender, leadership, livestock, traditional medicine, organization, SID & citizen journalism, good coffee farming practices, budgeting, CU, Village RPJM, lobbying and negotiation.
  12. Together with the community, make a participatory Village RPJM.
  13. Encouraging the establishment and strengthening of BUM Desa to be more transparent.
  14. Building and managing SID in the village as part of improving public services that are cheap, fast and transparent.
  15. Conducting studies/research or research concerning rural areas and marginalized communities including BUM Desa, RPJM Desa, SID, Coffee Agriculture and its relation to Climate, policies on homeworkers.
  16. Publish and disseminate information needed by the community through the production of documentaries, brochures, bulletins, posters, press tours, public service advertisements and the development of community radio.
  17. Organizing seminars, workshops and various forms of meetings between Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Universities, Government and the community on issues of Village Development, Policy Advocacy, and Integrated Organic Agriculture.
  18. Assistance and regular organization to village communities, village officials, coffee farmers, women, homeworkers to improve their abilities, critical thinking and power, and overall empowerment.
  19. Encouraging the access of women homeworkers, farmers and rural communities to gain access to service programs such as health protection, employment, empowerment of farmer groups, to improve the living standards of poor and marginalized families.

Area of ​​Activity:

BITRA Indonesia carries out its main activities in the Province of North Sumatra and several special programs in the Province of Nangro Aceh Darussalam (NAD).



Desa Penerap SID di Sumut

Data Kelompok

Kab/Kota Lk Pr Jlh Jlh Kel
Langkat 173 142 315 12
Binjai 26 31 57 3
Deli Serdang 783 766 1549 31
Serdang Bedagai 815 620 1435 49
Tebing Tinggi 36 126 162 5
Batu Bara 26 170 196 5
Lab Batu Uatara 490 306 796 2
Jumlah 2349 2161 4510 107