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Studi “Peluang Peningkatan Pertanian Organik di Serdang Bedagai”

Protecting farmers and land as well as planting objects for organic farming actors is an effort to maximize the improvement of agricultural patterns that are natural, healthy, cheap, very environmentally friendly, and regenerative, because the land used for planting media is increasingly fertile, not dead like agricultural land used for conventional chemical farming.

BITRA Indonesia together with its assisted communities conducted a research with the theme “Opportunities for Improving the Implementation of Organic Agriculture in Serdang Bedagai”, as a district that might be used as a natural laboratory for the application of disseminating organic farming practices and testing regulations that underpin this organic activity with the Organic Perda policy. This was granted and there was strong support from the Serdang Bedagai Government.

Studi  “Dampak Penembokan Perencanaan Pembangunan Bandara Internasional Kuala Namu terhadap Masyarakat Desa Pasar VI, Deliserdang, Sumatera Utara”

1997 was the beginning of preparations for the construction of the Kuala Namu international airport. The economic crisis forced development plans to be postponed. During the September 2005 Mandala Airlines plane crash, which crashed shortly after taking off from Polonia airport. The accident that claimed the life of the Governor of North Sumatra, Tengku Rizal Nurdin, also caused several people living around the airport to die due to the location of the airport being too close to settlements. This has led to a re-emergence of pressure for the airport in Medan to be immediately moved to a more suitable location.

The process of building the new Kuala Namu airport still leaves a sad story for the residents (natives) of Pasar VI Kuala Namu village whose village was used as the construction of the international airport mega project. The losses suffered by residents after the construction of the airport construction plan wall has not been completed. The loss of people’s sources of livelihood is a serious human rights violation

Studi “Kebijakan UMKM di Kab. Serdang Bedagai & Aplikasinya pada Unit Usaha Kerajinan Masyarakat Pasar Bengkel, Perbaungan”

In relation to various government policies, things that need serious attention for the future are the government’s commitment to national economic recovery which leads to improving people’s welfare. It is questionable, how long will the government and the nation’s political elite be busy looking for a way to save rogue businessmen and officials who have ‘embezzled’ state money? In fact, if the commitment of the government and our political elite to the interests of 210 million Indonesians was clear and firm, the national economic recovery would have found and implemented its strategic steps. Why are other countries, such as Thailand, able to recover faster? Although the government has revoked the extension of the PKPS (Shareholder Obligation Settlement), it does not automatically pay attention to micro, small and medium enterprises. In fact, the small and medium business sector is the backbone of the people’s economic fate.

Studi “Pemetaan & Analisis Kasus Tanah Ulayat di  Tapanuli Selatan” (Suatu Pendekatan Yuridis & Politis)

  1. Why is the issue of ulayat land the biggest issue/problem in the research area?
  2. Why do the private sector and the government act as the main actors in controlling customary land?
  3. Why does the local government, both DPRD and regional heads, not give sufficient attention to the issue of ulayat land in South Tapanuli, especially in the research area?
  4. Why are interest groups unable to influence policy-makers at the local level to make plans for ulayat land issues/problems?

Dampak Sosial, Ekonomi & Lingkungan Kebun Polikultur (Perkebunan Tanaman Campuran)

This study aims to assess the impact of implementing polyculture agricultural assistance activities from the BITRA Indonesia community development program on farmer groups located in four sub-districts (Pancur Batu, Kutalimbaru, Namo Rambe and Sibolangit sub-districts). The general objectives of this research are:

a. Assessing the impact of polyculture farming assistance from the BITRA community development program on the socio-economic conditions of the community and the environmental impact as well as on community group institutions

b. Knowing the process of implementing polyculture agricultural assistance activities in assisted farmer groups that affect the results; and

c. Studying the experience of being assisted in polycultural agricultural activities in the context of developing policies and designing follow-up activities

Analisis Dampak Sosial, Ekonomi & Ekologi Rencana Pembangunan Bandara Internasional Kuala Namu

With the lure of gold-leafed trees and glorious prosperity, in 1890, their ancestors were brought by the Dutch East Indies to turn the jungles of Sumatra into tobacco plantations. After the tobacco plantations were operational, the Javanese, commonly called koeli contracts, became the workers.

Don’t worry about gold leaf trees or glorious prosperity. After Indonesia’s independence and all Dutch plantations were nationalized, they still remained as hardworking, diligent and loyal garden workers. Until the “age of development” where the international airport has become a “must” need, as a substitute for Medan Polonia airport, Kuala Namu International airport was built. The fate of the former rented persons is getting darker and bleaker, their place of residence will be snatched away by the “development” authorities with constitutional legitimacy. Struggle after struggle is carried out to obtain very basic rights. The demand for relocation hit the giant wall of the airport.

Riset Pemetaan Sosial Demografi Kemiskinan di Serdang Bedagai

The problem of poverty has recently resurfaced as a reaction to the fact that the unbalanced development of the world economy has created social, economic, and political disparities, both between countries, between regions and between groups of people.

How in Serdang Bedagai Regency did this happen…? Please refer to the results of research conducted by BITRA Indonesia, Medan in collaboration with academics from the University of North Sumatra. Research results.

Studi Keunggulan Polikultur (Kebun Tanaman Campuran) di Kabupaten Deli Serdang

How is the comparison between smallholder plantations with monoculture patterns or gardens with similar plants, especially oil palm with community gardens with mixed cropping patterns or polycultures inherited by the ancestors of Indonesians, especially those living in the highlands and watersheds…?

What about its advantages in terms of economic, social, cultural, health and even the most important thing for all living things is its superiority for the highest environmental carrying capacity….? To find out the answer lies in the results of research conducted on a small scale in Deli Serdang district.  Research results.

Riset Mengukur Dampak Sosial, Ekonomi, Lingkungan dan Partisipasi Kelompok Masyarakat Dampingan BITRA Indonesia

In a book entitled Poverty and Social Protection in Indonesia, Edi Suharto (2009) states that the economic impact on various poverty reduction programs can be seen in two dimensions, namely the dimension of reducing expenditure and increasing income. Furthermore, Edi Suhorto explained that the two dimensions were sometimes able to attend together in one program, but sometimes they were present separately.
Improvements occurred in the lives of assisted communities as measured in this research. On average, above 60 percent of BITRA assisted communities stated this in the findings of this independent research. Especially the improvement of the family economy and the increase in substantial knowledge of organic farming. However, the community feels less confident in understanding and taking concrete actions about environmental improvement, namely only 41.7% are sure and 58.3% are doubtful. This is because people perceive acting organically is not part of improving the environment.



Desa Penerap SID di Sumut

Data Kelompok

Kab/Kota Lk Pr Jlh Jlh Kel
Langkat 173 142 315 12
Binjai 26 31 57 3
Deli Serdang 783 766 1549 31
Serdang Bedagai 815 620 1435 49
Tebing Tinggi 36 126 162 5
Batu Bara 26 170 196 5
Lab Batu Uatara 490 306 796 2
Jumlah 2349 2161 4510 107